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Don’t Get Held Hostage By Ransomware! - A Free Webinar from Nutmeg Consulting and Sophos

04/11/2018 | Filed under: Company News | Products & Services | Security | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Ransomware. We are inundated every day with news about different types of Ransomware demands and security breaches. If you think it won’t affect your business then it’s time to think again… Nutmeg Consulting has teamed with Sophos, a worldwide leader in security and protection from malware and hackers. Join us on September 19th at 11 AM (EST) to learn how to prevent yourself from Ransomware and from being another statistic that we see all the time on the nightly news.

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It’s a week of travel for several Nutmeg staff!

05/17/2017 | Filed under: Company News| Permalink

It’s a week of travel for several Nutmeg staff! We’re attending several conferences, both to learn and to present several of our successful business solutions. If you happen to be at any of them yourselves, please stop by to say hello.

Tuesday through Thursday, Russ and Jim are attending a conference in Fargo North Dakota for the Community Action Conference of Regions 8 and 10. Given that the majority of our clients are non-profits, it’s important as an industry leader to keep abreast of new movements in the marketplace....

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Internet Security - Are you as safe as you think??

12/18/2015 | Filed under: Company News | Press Coverage | Security | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Chris and I had the opportunity to participate in an online "blab" forum this week, the topic was "Internet Security - Are You as Safe As You Think?" , hosted by Small Business USA. The live format was really cool, with

Check out the recorded feed by clicking the link below and let us know if you find this useful, entertaining, boring - we'd love to learn what other topics you'd be interested in!

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Recent SSL Vulnerability does not effect HMIS

04/11/2014 | Filed under: Company News | Press Coverage| Permalink

Heard about the Internet going to die in the next couple of days!? OpenSSL bug rocks the world, but you know its not all that bad.Here's a fantastic article from the Washington Post on it Click Here to Read . Check the websites you use for vulnerabilities with this tool (, and only change your password if the site has no vulnerability (doing so if its still vulnerable just exacerbates the problem).

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Nutmeg Consulting and IRIS: Providing Computers to Refugees and Immigrants

06/11/2013 | Filed under: Company News| Permalink

In November of 2011, Russ Cormier, CEO of Nutmeg Consulting, had a chance encounter when he met Chris George at a mission fair at Westminster Presbyterian Church. George had come to give a presentation about his organization, Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS), which is a refugee resettlement agency that welcomes refugees from all over the world who have been selected by the US government to start new lives in the US.

“Many of [the refugees] have suffered persecution and have been forced to leave their home...

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Tech Topic: Does Email Phishing Reel You In?

06/10/2013 | Filed under: Company News | Press Coverage | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

In an age where e-mail reigns as the major form of communication, people are finding more creative ways to obtain your personal information. Technology evolves and so do the minds of those scheming email attacks. This is why many of us get hooked by “phishing” emails.

Webopedia defines Phishing as “the act of sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that...

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Nutmeg Contributes to Success of NHSDC’s Sponsored Hackathon

05/02/2013 | Filed under: Company News| Permalink

Giving back to the community is deeply ingrained in Nutmeg Consulting’s culture. Most of our staff come from a Not-for-Profit background and virtually all of our staff are active in their respective communities. We like to think Nutmeg reflects the values of our founders and staff so we try and contribute as a company where we can.

Recently, Chris Shipley (President), Adam Yarnott (Software Developer) and

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