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Don’t Get Held Hostage By Ransomware! - A Free Webinar from Nutmeg Consulting and Sophos

04/11/2018 | Filed under: Company News | Products & Services | Security | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Ransomware. We are inundated every day with news about different types of Ransomware demands and security breaches. If you think it won’t affect your business then it’s time to think again… Nutmeg Consulting has teamed with Sophos, a worldwide leader in security and protection from malware and hackers. Join us on September 19th at 11 AM (EST) to learn how to prevent yourself from Ransomware and from being another statistic that we see all the time on the nightly news.

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Encryption and Security, boring subjects until…

05/22/2015 | Filed under: Products & Services | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Security, backup, encryption etc. All these buzzwords that IT people throw around all the time, expecting business folks to understand them and then do something about it. And then one day it happens. I’d like to share a couple of stories. (Believe me we have many more!) 1. A friend of mine received an email from what seemed to be a credible source. It had a bunch of detailed information about him and his business that led him to that conclusion. The gist was that this company was going to help promote his products by putting the link...

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It’s Getting Cold! How Many Layers of Protection Do You Have?

01/23/2014 | Filed under: Products & Services| Permalink

Nutmeg has recently worked with some customers that encountered difficult intrusions that Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) did not protect against. While this has been a successful tool in the past, the newest emerging threats are nothing to sneeze at. One customer was unable to use email, while another had their data encrypted by ransomware.

Protecting your office network is a multi-layer approach consisting (at a minimum) of network protection behind a robust firewall, good software on your computers, and a little user training (such as not opening...

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Nutmeg Consulting Rolls Out HMIS Data Entry Services

08/15/2011 | Filed under: Company News | Products & Services| Permalink

Are you finding it difficult keeping up with all the data challenges your agency faces? Would you rather be focusing on analysis and service delivery, and not data entry? If the answer is “Yes”, contact us to find out about our new HMIS Data Entry Service! The same trusted company that handles all of your HMIS needs wants to make it easier for you spend more time helping your clients.

Learn More on our HMIS Data...

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