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The Red Screen of Death (Computer Horror Stories: Part 1)

10/19/2015 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Recently a friend and business colleague of mine went to his place in Vermont for a week. While he was up there working on his home PC he was being redirected to other sites without his permission. Also out of the blue, advertisements started appearing randomly on the right of his screen and then it happened…THE BIG RED SCREEN OF DEATH! He hastily read it and it said that Microsoft had detected that he had been hacked and to call the number on the screen immediately. (I have to disclose he is a friend not a Nutmeg...

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Get to Know Your Environment! (Computer Horror Stories: Part 2)

10/16/2015 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

In the late 80’s there was a TV show that had a huge cult following especially amongst men. The show was called MacGyver. The series revolved around MacGyver, a secret agent working for a fictional secret agency, whose main asset was his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items (along with his Swiss Army knife). The solutions MacGyver implemented to seemingly unsolvable problems – often in life-or-death situations requiring him to improvise complex devices in a matter of minutes – were a major attraction of the show if you ever wanted someone to make...

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Encryption and Security, boring subjects until…

05/22/2015 | Filed under: Products & Services | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Security, backup, encryption etc. All these buzzwords that IT people throw around all the time, expecting business folks to understand them and then do something about it. And then one day it happens. I’d like to share a couple of stories. (Believe me we have many more!) 1. A friend of mine received an email from what seemed to be a credible source. It had a bunch of detailed information about him and his business that led him to that conclusion. The gist was that this company was going to help promote his products by putting the link...

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Tech Topics: Multiple Toolbar Personality Disorder by Dee Iglesias & Al Grimm

02/03/2014 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Every internet browser has a built in toolbar. It is used to keep frequently accessed tools within easy reach and can help users improve their web browsing experience. One popular tool is the search window that links to you to a preset search engine like Bing, Google, etc.

We often work on computers that have multiple toolbars installed in the browsers. This may be intentional but is more often something that happens without the user’s permission. Toolbars like Ask, Bing, Google, and Yahoo come along for the ride when other software is installed or updated. The...

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Problems with Outlook 2013 Due to Hardware Accelerations

12/13/2013 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Considering upgrading to Office 2013?

If you do, please be aware of a tiny wrinkle in Outlook 2013 on some older machines. It utilizes the hardware graphics acceleration feature of Windows and this doesn't always work out so well. One of our clients' systems would freeze everytime Outlook was launched and it was practically unusable when it finally launched - windows wouldn't open and replying to messages wasn't a possibility.

There are a couple ways you can stop Outlook 2013 from having this particular problem: switch to

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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Browsers & Add-Ons

08/22/2013 | Filed under: Press Coverage | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

With the many options for web browsers out there, it’s hard to really know which one best fits your needs. All browsers give you access to the internet, but each has its own set of features and add-ons to improve your web experience by providing new functionality and behaviors. Recently our top Techs offered some information about their personal favorite web browsers and add-ons.

James Buckley – Google Chrome & Chrome Sync I’ve always liked Google Chrome for its speed, stability and silent update, but a lesser known feature I’ve become...

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Write Then Do!

06/12/2013 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

A Review of Drafts 3.0 App for iPhone and iPad

If you are a prolific writer of email and texts, a hardcore blogger, or love your social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, I’ve got a pretty awesome app for you. Drafts, currently at the just released 3.0 version, is an app that changes your iOS device from an app-centric platform to an action centered one. What do I mean and why is that awesome? It makes common writing tasks faster and simpler. Typically to post to Facebook or write something in your note application of choice ( I prefer Evernote)...

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