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Unplugged! Oops… (Computer Horror story part 3)

12/01/2015 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

This past month celebrated the 46th anniversary of Monty Python and for those of you too young to remember one of the most brilliant and classic British comedy shows of all time I apologize. The co-founder of the show John Cleese, once did a comedy sketch where he was a salesperson demonstrating a copier. For some reason he couldn’t get it to work so he called his technical guy who immediately appeared (great customer support) and plugged it in! That was a skit. This really happened.

How many times have people called customer support to...

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The Red Screen of Death (Computer Horror Stories: Part 1)

10/19/2015 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Recently a friend and business colleague of mine went to his place in Vermont for a week. While he was up there working on his home PC he was being redirected to other sites without his permission. Also out of the blue, advertisements started appearing randomly on the right of his screen and then it happened…THE BIG RED SCREEN OF DEATH! He hastily read it and it said that Microsoft had detected that he had been hacked and to call the number on the screen immediately. (I have to disclose he is a friend not a Nutmeg...

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Get to Know Your Environment! (Computer Horror Stories: Part 2)

10/16/2015 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

In the late 80’s there was a TV show that had a huge cult following especially amongst men. The show was called MacGyver. The series revolved around MacGyver, a secret agent working for a fictional secret agency, whose main asset was his practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items (along with his Swiss Army knife). The solutions MacGyver implemented to seemingly unsolvable problems – often in life-or-death situations requiring him to improvise complex devices in a matter of minutes – were a major attraction of the show if you ever wanted someone to make...

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Everyday Computer Security for Everyday Computer People - Part 2

09/23/2015 | Filed under: Security| Permalink

In part 1, I wrote of endpoint protection and updates, two of the biggest parts of security you can engage in for today. In part 2 of our series, we will discuss backup as a security method. Let’s start with defining backup in easy terms. A file that is backed up means you can access the file from more than one location. For example, if it exists on your computer and also on a removable hard drive, that’s a backup. If you have simply moved a file from your computer to a removable hard drive,...

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Everyday Computer Security for Everyday Computer People - Part 1

08/14/2015 | Filed under: Security| Permalink

People often think they are secure with their online activity. For example, your bank site is secure, right? One might think that because it’s a bank they know what they are doing! I can’t even use my debit card on a vacation trip if I don’t call them ahead of time these days, so they are clearly on top of security. However, we still read about data leaks from all over, though we tend to ignore them if they aren't applicable to us. Are you as secure as you think you are?...

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Encryption and Security, boring subjects until…

05/22/2015 | Filed under: Products & Services | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Security, backup, encryption etc. All these buzzwords that IT people throw around all the time, expecting business folks to understand them and then do something about it. And then one day it happens. I’d like to share a couple of stories. (Believe me we have many more!) 1. A friend of mine received an email from what seemed to be a credible source. It had a bunch of detailed information about him and his business that led him to that conclusion. The gist was that this company was going to help promote his products by putting the link...

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Recent SSL Vulnerability does not effect HMIS

04/11/2014 | Filed under: Company News | Press Coverage| Permalink

Heard about the Internet going to die in the next couple of days!? OpenSSL bug rocks the world, but you know its not all that bad.Here's a fantastic article from the Washington Post on it Click Here to Read . Check the websites you use for vulnerabilities with this tool (, and only change your password if the site has no vulnerability (doing so if its still vulnerable just exacerbates the problem).

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