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Internet Security - Are you as safe as you think??

12/18/2015 | Filed under: Company News | Press Coverage | Security | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Chris and I had the opportunity to participate in an online "blab" forum this week, the topic was "Internet Security - Are You as Safe As You Think?" , hosted by Small Business USA.  The live format was really cool, with

Check out the recorded feed by clicking the link below and let us know if you find this useful, entertaining, boring - we'd love to learn what other topics you'd be interested in!

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Everyday Computer Security for Everyday Computer People - Part 2

09/23/2015 | Filed under: Security| Permalink

In part 1, I wrote of endpoint protection and updates, two of the biggest parts of security you can engage in for today.  In part 2 of our series, we will discuss backup as a security method.  Let’s start with defining backup in easy terms. A file that is backed up means you can access the file from more than one location. For example, if it exists on your computer and also on a removable hard drive, that’s a backup.  If you have simply moved a file from your computer to a...

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Everyday Computer Security for Everyday Computer People - Part 1

08/14/2015 | Filed under: Security| Permalink

People often think they are secure with their online activity. For example, your bank site is secure, right? One might think that because it’s a bank they know what they are doing! I can’t even use my debit card on a vacation trip if I don’t call them ahead of time these days, so they are clearly on top of security.  However, we still read about data leaks from all over, though we tend to ignore them if they aren't applicable to us. Are you as secure as you think you...

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