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It’s Getting Cold! How Many Layers of Protection Do You Have?

Jan/Thu/2014 | Filed under: Products & Services | Permalink

Nutmeg has recently worked with some customers that encountered difficult intrusions that Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) did not protect against. While this has been a successful tool in the past, the newest emerging threats are nothing to sneeze at. One customer was unable to use email, while another had their data encrypted by ransomware.

Protecting your office network is a multi-layer approach consisting (at a minimum) of network protection behind a robust firewall, good software on your computers, and a little user training (such as not opening email attachments you don’t recognize!).

Nutmeg Consulting offers Sophos Cloud as your EndPoint solution. This provides endpoint security as a service. As a cloud-based managed console, there is no need for server setup and can be deployed instantly. For more information about how you can start the road to better protection with Sophos Cloud, please click here.

For a FREE 30-day Trial, register here.

If you want a more comprehensive security solution, contact us for a customized quote.

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