Nutmeg Consulting


Design, Security and Implementation

Fast, scalable and secure networks are critical to both big and small

businesses. Nutmeg Consulting’s network solutions provide a variety of
approaches tailored to your unique business requirements. From WiFi
access at coffee houses and gyms to multi-site Virtual Private Networks
(VPNs) linking offices between cities, we can tailor solutions to your
budget, needs and goals.

Just a few of our services:

  • Server Installation and Configuration
    • File, mail, database and web servers
    • Windows and Linux Server operating systems
    • User directory and authentication services

  • Network planning and documentation
  • Web content filtering
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) configuration
  • Security and network penetration testing (See our Security services information)
  • ISP Evaluation
  • Cabling (MDF, IDF, Wiring and Drops)
  • Security (Firewalls and other appliances)

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