Nutmeg Consulting

HMIS Data Management and Grant Reporting

Nutmeg Consulting’s innovative approach to your agency’s HMIS data entry combines easy-to-use technology with a client-centered approach to produce accurate HMIS data to meet all of your agency’s Funder reporting requirements. We pair this with a deep understanding of grant and funder reporting requirements to provide you with accurate reporting, whether it be for your HUD required reports or data needed to complete your NOFA application or renewal.

We can assess your PIT, LSA, SPM and your APR data to show you how to incorporate the data from these resources into your grant application in a way that is meaningful to HUD and the grant submission guidelines.

Our service removes the burden of data entry and reporting from your agency’s front-line staff by delegating it to our experts. We bring existing experience with a variety of HMIS software platforms and a deep understanding of HMIS Data Standards.

Deliverables and Services (Organization & Program Level):

We will relieve your staff of the following responsibilities for HMIS:

  • Data entry for program enrollments, updates, annual assessment & program exits
  • Data correction & report clean up
  • Reporting and Data Data preparation for submission to Funders (Sage, SSVF, RHY, PATH PDX)
  • Prepare APR for CoC Rating and Ranking Evaluation

Deliverables and Services (Continuum of Care Level) For the Continuum of Care we can provide HMIS Support In the following areas:

  • System Performance Measure (SPM) evaluation, clean up and submission
  • Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) evaluation, clean up and submission
  • Point In Time Count consulting and preparation and people count data collection tools
  • Housing Inventory maintenance
  • Coordinated Entry/Exit HMIS implementation and support
  • General data monitoring and reporting

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