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HMIS Data Management

Use Staff Time for Client Interaction, NOT Data Entry

Nutmeg Consulting’s innovative approach to your agency’s HMIS data entry combines easy-to-use technology with a client-centered approach to produce accurate HMIS data to meet all of your agency’s Funder reporting requirements.

Our service removes the burden of data entry from your agency’s front-line staff by delegating it to our experts. Nutmeg Consulting has in-depth experience with Bowman’s ServicePoint software, Groupware Technologies’ Provide software and Data Systems International’s Client Track.

Evaluate & Update

We evaluate, design and standardize your paper-based program forms and your overall program workflow to streamline your HMIS data collection.


For large, complex data entry needs, we’ll setup a dedicated workstation for bulk scanning and delivery of your newly optimized intake paperwork. For less complex needs, simply fax your paperwork and we’ll do the rest.


Once setup, our staff will travel to your on-site location and demonstrate how to send your scanned data and how to use any specialized software and hardware.


Easily Evaluate Program Outcomes and Demographics

  • Standardized reporting ensures your agency meets contractual requirements
  • Our HMIS Dashboard reports gauge your program‘s improved data quality and reliability over time

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Weekly collaborative account meetings to review your progress
  • One-on-one data completeness and workflow review

Reports Your Program Will Receive

  • Program based funder reports (ex: DSS Emergency Shelter Utilization Report)
  • Daily bed-list for Emergency Shelter programs
  • Missing client data reports
  • Client re-evaluation reports

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