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HMIS Data Management

Use Staff Time for Client Interaction, NOT Data Entry

Nutmeg Consulting’s innovative approach to your agency’s HMIS data entry combines easy-to-use technology with a client-centered approach to produce accurate HMIS data to meet all of your agency’s Funder reporting requirements.

Our service removes the burden of data entry from your agency’s front-line staff by delegating it to our experts. Nutmeg Consulting has in-depth experience with Bowman’s ServicePoint software, Groupware Technologies’ Provide software and Data Systems International’s Client Track.

Evaluate & Update

We evaluate, design and standardize your paper-based program forms and your overall program workflow to streamline your HMIS data collection. 


For large, complex data entry needs, we’ll setup a dedicated workstation for bulk scanning and delivery of your newly optimized intake paperwork . For less complex needs, simply fax your paperwork and we’ll do the rest. 


Once setup, our staff will travel to your on-site location and demonstrate how to send your scanned data and how to use any specialized software and hardware.


Easily Evaluate Program Outcomes and Demographics

  • Standardized reporting ensures your agency meets contractual requirements
  • Our HMIS Dashboard reports gauge your program‘s improved data quality and reliability over time

Dedicated Account Manager

  • Weekly collaborative account meetings to review your progress
  • One-on-one data completeness and workflow review

Reports Your Program Will Receive

  • Program based funder reports (ex: DSS Emergency Shelter Utilization Report)
  • Daily bed-list for Emergency Shelter programs
  • Missing client data reports
  • Client re-evaluation reports

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