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HMIS Documentation, Training & Support

Implementation is only one ingredient in a successful HMIS system. Without proper documentation, staff training, and support, implementations can fail or never reach their potential. Nutmeg Consulting offers a full range of one-time and ongoing services to equip your organization for long-term success.

Deliverables and Services:

  • System Administrator training
    • Training of “super users” on back end functionality, customization and reporting.

  • End User Training
    • On-site training of end users on data entry requirements (HMIS and Internal Reporting).
    • How to run and interpret Compliance Reports
    • Hosting of monthly training webinars

  • Documentation
    • System Setup documentation
    • End User Data Entry Guides and other essential documentation
    • Support & documentation resource website
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS) for online training, class registration and certification

  • Customer Communication Management
    • Meeting planning & Facilitation and Coordination (Weekly, Monthly depending on the needs of the customer)
    • Mailing List Management

Case Study: Building

In Connecticut we created, the primary source for support for the CT HMIS implementation. This website allows users access to program Data Collection Forms, Releases Of Information, Data Entry Guides, training videos, news and FAQ’s. The website is updated regularly to keep users informed of HMIS related changes set forth by the Funders/Federal Partners and is visited by hundreds of users a month, serving thousands of pages and files.

Case Study: In-Person Training for Massachusetts

In the Fall River, New Bedford and GBCATCH CoC’s, we provided both in person and web-based training for the System Administrators. We also provided in person training for each of the three CoC’s to ensure staff were knowledgeable about entering/maintaining data in their new HMIS database. We created a System Setup guide for the System Administrators and a HMIS Quick Guide to assist users with data entry and making changes to the backend of the database. Upon go live, we offer several days of live support with our Analysts as well as screen share sessions. This is beneficial to new users as they get to log into a webinar and get immediate assistance with any issue they experience while trying to learn how to use their new HMIS.

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