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We take care of the details; you just have to turn on the lights.

When you come home at night, the first thing you do is turn on the lights. You don’t need to know how the lights work, all you have to do is flip the switch. Your computer network should be the same way! 

LightSwitch is a service we provide for your business or Not-for-Profit to simplify computer monitoring and maintenance.  Through remote access, we are able to monitor your network in order to apply critical system updates, assist in troubleshooting and spot any potential problems before they compromise your business and data.

Let us take care of your network details so you and your staff can focus on serving your clients.

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Our services include managing security systems, printer servers, desktop servers, and both remote and on-site technical support.  You will also have access to our Help Desk via phone, email and our support site.  We customize LightSwitch to support your businesses’ unique needs.

  • Spend less time and reduce cost on recovery if security fails and networks go down.
  • Keep your system updated on the latest security and software technology.
  • Improve predictability of your IT budget costs.
  • Pinpoint software and hardware problems in critical areas of your operation.


  • Remote computer access for Help Desk assistance
  • Allow staff to travel and work remotely
  • Inventory and user management
  • Error alerts
  • System and network level reporting
  • Account, device and session activity tracking


Pricing begins at $150 per month and includes:

  • 5 Desktops or laptops
  • 1 Hour of remote support per month

Do you have a larger network? Affordable pricing is available for expanded coverage.

  • Additional servers: $50 per server
  • Each additional desktop or laptop: Add $10
  • Additional remote support: $100 per hour


We make a commitment to respond to help requests within 1 business day, often sooner.

Contact us today to learn more or set up an appointment.

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