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Youth United for Survival

“We have been working with Nutmeg Consulting for a little under 2 years now. We had been using another vendor up until then and even though they had been doing a pretty good job, when Russ Cormier, the CEO of Nutmeg provided us with his proposal, we realized it was time to make the change. It was a classic case of “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Not only did Russ provide us with a lower cost solution but over the years they have demonstrated a commitment to work with us on meeting all of our IT needs. When they visit with us they are working, there is no hint of them charging us for work that they are not fulfilling. They cover ALL of our IT needs which includes monitoring our servers, handling any issues that may arise, arranging the purchase of new equipment and setting them up to our individual needs. If there was ever a definition of an IT “One-Stop-Shop” it is Nutmeg. That being said a lot of people can claim the same thing. What separates Russ and his team is:

Their responsiveness. There is never a doubt that we will not get the type of service we expect and we know that we are not paying for their time just to sit around and do nothing. (A common complaint in the industry.)
Given the technology they are using, they can be proactive in determining what is going on in our business and provide us with the up-time we need.

We have a close working relationship with them. They know us, they know our people and they make it their business to know and understand the way we work. They actually care about looking after us which I find extremely comforting.
In summary they are fair people to work with, they are really good at what they do and I and my staff enjoy working with them immensely. I am not an IT person but knowing that they are around to make my life easier is a great comfort.”

- TJ Michalski, Executive Director at Youth United for Survival

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