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You shouldn’t spend time worrying about your technology – we’ll manage everything for you and provide unmatched IT support.

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Drop Technology Stress Once and for All With Nutmeg Consulting

At Nutmeg Consulting, we prevent problems before they happen. With our outsourced IT services, you will:

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Resolve tech issues quickly


Experience increased efficiency

Enhance the user experience


Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re well supported

Nutmeg Consulting’s Suite of Outsourced IT Services

We know that the smallest businesses and nonprofits still have big information technology needs. Our tailored plans make superior managed IT services available to organizations of any size. We also specialize in BCDR Solutions, disaster recovery planning CT, and business continuity consulting. When you work with us, you get affordable solutions and use technology to reach your goals. Here’s how we help.

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IT Compliance

IT compliance is a big deal when it comes to keeping your data and your customers’ data safe. Not only does it fend off hackers and lower the chances of getting nailed with fines, but it also helps you figure out the best ways to collect customer data. Plus, lots of insurance companies insist on these checks to keep your policy going – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to lower risks and reduce expenses?

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threat hunting


Cyberthreats are all around us. From sweeping attacks by professional cybercriminals to lone wolf attackers who send scams via email, you can’t afford to let your guard down. That’s why we deploy next-generation tools and proactively hunt down threats to your network security.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Any accident can quickly become a disaster if you don’t have a plan in place for how to recover. A BCDR plan encompasses more than simply getting a few files back – it’s about ensuring there is a way to bring your business back to life after a worst-case scenario.

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Cloud Services

You can have it all in the cloud. Our cloud services make it simple for you to maintain compliance, secure data, reduce downtime, improve collaboration, centrally manage information, and access files from any device. Cloud services will reduce large capital expenses and allow you to grow (or shrink) your computing resources as your needs demand.

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Team Collaboration

You don’t need to share an office to work as a cohesive, effective team unit. With an IT consulting CT managed solution built on Google Workspace, you encourage teamwork. Instead of sending endless email updates, employees spend more time digging in and collaborating on projects.

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Remote & On-Site Support

Even when you don’t call, we’re working to support your systems. Our technicians proactively manage your IT to prevent issues from occurring. If you do encounter a problem, we promptly solve it in person or remotely, depending on your preference.

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IT Infrastructure

Your IT Infrastructure is the backbone that supports the work you do every single day. High availability, security, and always-on access to documents are requirements for modern workplaces. We can design and manage an IT infrastructure that delivers all 3 to your organization.

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Building relationships with clients, collaborating with coworkers and interacting with partners requires a reliable communications system that includes voice, SMS, video and chat. We partner with vendors that can integrate and extend your capacity so you can maintain your connections, on any device you want.

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We Work Hard to Save You Time and Headaches

At Nutmeg Consulting, our top-tier managed IT services do more than just protect your data. Many of our clients have noticed a boost in efficiency, a sweet perk that comes with reduced risk. Unlike other IT service providers who only step in when problems pop up, we’re always brainstorming ways to make your operations smoother and more time efficient. Imagine if we could save you 5-10 minutes a day with our solutions. How much would that add up to over a week, a month or a year? That’s the kind of math we love to do when we’re figuring out the best way to serve you.

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We Make IT Services Attainable and Affordable for Everyone

The size of your organization shouldn’t determine whether you have exceptional technology. Since 2003, we’ve delivered IT support services to organizations throughout the Northeast. We have deep experience working with nonprofits. Many of our clients are small- and medium-sized businesses. Regardless of their size or sector, all our clients get a tailored plan. In an initial meeting, we listen as you explain your budget, needs and goals. Then we work with you to design, implement, and manage a plan specific to your requirements.

Customizing IT services has another benefit: it brings costs down, because organizations only pay for services they need. We unlock further savings through our relationships with vendors. Through favorable licensing deals, our clients access the same tools and software used by large corporations. Continual monitoring and proactive maintenance keep these systems running seamlessly. This decreases costly downtime, while giving our clients technologies that empower their organizations to better serve the community.

Hear it from our clients:

“TVCCA has been a customer of Nutmeg for close to 14 years. They support and assist our IT department in maintaining and upgrading our technology systems. They get us great prices on the equipment needed too! Russ is top-notch, straightforward and very responsive to our issues. He and his team genuinely care about the entity they are providing services to.” 

—Deb Monahan, CEO – TVCCA 

How to Work With Us

1 talk


You talk. We listen. We want to understand your business, not just your IT problems.

2 Assess


Identify the problem and create a plan of action.

3 Solve


We resolve the issue so your team can get back to doing what they love to do.

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