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Just replace the modem they said (Computer Horror Stories: Part 4)

Jan/Wed/2016 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT | Permalink

Just replace the modem they said… (Computer Horror Stories: Part 4)

One of our clients had a problem with a leading network supplier. When they notified the vendor that they had a problem they were told that a modem needed replacement. They were paying for 26mbps speed but the modem issue had reduced that to 1 mbps. As you can imagine everything was grinding to a halt!

So the vendor came out to replace the modem and apparently everything according to them was working fine. BUT guess what? Now their internet didn’t work at all. Given that they couldn’t process any work they called us to see if we could help them. We got on a phone call with the vendor and after a 2 hour argument with them they couldn’t provide any solution over the phone despite our best efforts to troubleshoot it with them.

So their solution was to send someone again to meet with the client and resolve it once and for all. The next day they sent out a technical support person but when he got there he had no idea why he was there. Nobody had briefed him on the issue. (You can’t make this stuff up!) He went back to the office and after an hour of troubleshooting over the phone the situation was finally resolved.

Summary of the fiasco:

  • It cost them 3 hours of support time from Nutmeg
  • They were down for a day not to mention the amount of frustration for them and for their customers.
  • Based on our knowledge of the situation we could have resolved the issue prior to the vendor being called in around 30 minutes.

Moral of the story - don’t be afraid to contact your IT provider even on the “simple” things, they know your environment and can coordinate with communication vendors to make sure that when the upgrade is complete, everything still works! If you don’t have a IT provider that you trust, contact Nutmeg Consulting and ask for Russ or Chris and we would be happy to help you out!

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