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Mobile Workforce

Empowering your workforce on the road or across the country

In today’s business world, flexibility and mobility is key on the agenda. Having a mobile workforce empowered to do their jobs while on the road, in the air or at home can provide a significant benefit to your bottom line. Nutmeg Consulting’s telecommunications and mobile workforce services can give you the competitive market edge.

Our Experience

We’re a big proponent of a mobile workforce because we’re one, too. Our staff work across three states, in the office, on the road and at home. This allows us the flexibility to meet a multitude of business requirements in a flexible and cost-effective manner. We’re offering you the same services we rely on ourselves.


  • Reduced office space requirements
  • Reduced travel time and expenses
  • Increased flexibility for staff and clients and shared resources and files.

We’re able to provide assistance with:

  • Laptop configuration, imaging and deployment for your mobile workers (See Desktop Management for more information)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Configuration, allowing access to your servers
  • Microsoft Exchange deployment and management
  • Outlook configuration and web-mail access
  • Google Apps integration
  • Remote Desktop deployment
  • Mobile email and calendaring accessing through popular devices such as:
    • BlackBerry devices and server
    • Apple’s Iphone and Ipad
    • Windows Phone 7 and Mobile

  • Integration of Skype and other Voice Over IP solutions (See our telecommunications services)

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