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It’s a week of travel for several Nutmeg staff!

05/17/2017 | Filed under: Company News| Permalink

It’s a week of travel for several Nutmeg staff! We’re attending several conferences, both to learn and to present several of our successful business solutions. If you happen to be at any of them yourselves, please stop by to say hello.

Tuesday through Thursday, Russ and Jim are attending a conference in Fargo North Dakota for the Community Action Conference of Regions 8 and 10. Given that the majority of our clients are non-profits, it’s important as an industry leader to keep abreast of new movements...

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Make a Happy Password

04/06/2017 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Recently I had to sign up for yet another account online, something most of us do dozens of times a year. I was shown the below animation as I chose my password and thought the feedback was excellent from a user standpoint. You want your password to be good, because you want to be happy! You, (or at least I) am happy when my information is secure and I don’t have to worry about something happening to my account and someone accessing my private and valuable information.

So how do you make &ldquo...

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Life Lessons Learned from Tech Geeks

04/04/2016 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

We all have friends as tech geeks, those people who talk to us in syllables and consonants and expect us to be as smart as us when it comes to understanding our computers and tablets. Well I am one and as a parent of a three year old, I often spend time wondering how to raise my daughter so that she’s positioned for a bright, happy and financially stable future. I thought back on how I was raised and what my mother did right to get me where I am today. I wondered what events made the biggest impact on this direction and passion and I am sure that most parents today have these same thoughts. So I decided to ask my coworkers what led them down their own path to working at Nutmeg Consulting, a leader of IT solutions in Connecticut.

What I noticed...

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Nutmeg Consulting Supports the Next Generation of Technology Enthusiasts

03/01/2016 | Filed under: Press Coverage | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Continuing a tradition of supporting groups that advance technology education, Nutmeg Consulting is proud to lend its support to the Philadelphia based Maker Space, The Hacktory. We recently made a donation of a check and a new Jigsaw for the woodshop to support this fantastic organization as it settles into its brand new location.

If you have never heard of the term before, The Hacktory provides what is known as a “Maker Space”. What is a ...

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Just replace the modem they said… (Computer Horror Stories: Part 4)

01/06/2016 | Filed under: Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Just replace the modem they said… (Computer Horror Stories: Part 4)

One of our clients had a problem with a leading network supplier. When they notified the vendor that they had a problem they were told that a modem needed replacement. They were paying for 26mbps speed but the modem issue had reduced that to 1 mbps. As you can imagine everything was grinding to a halt!

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Internet Security - Are you as safe as you think??

12/18/2015 | Filed under: Company News | Press Coverage | Security | Thoughts on IT| Permalink

Chris and I had the opportunity to participate in an online "blab" forum this week, the topic was "Internet Security - Are You as Safe As You Think?" , hosted by Small Business USA.  The live format was really cool, with

Check out the recorded feed by clicking the link below and let us know if you find this useful, entertaining, boring - we'd love to learn what other topics you'd be interested in!

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