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Implementation & Conversion

Implementing or converting a Homeless Management information (HMIS) system for your community is a complex and daunting task, every case is unique. Let Nutmeg Consulting provide the support your community needs to make this critical transition a success. We bring years of experience with a variety of HMIS systems and technologies to ensure we find the right solutions for you.

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Documentation, Training & Support

Without the proper tools, implementations can fail or never reach their potential. Nutmeg Consulting offers a full range of one-time and ongoing services to equip your organization for long-term success. We can create detailed documentation, training videos, support resources and even a staffed help desk your users can go to when they have questions.

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Data Management and Grant/Funder Reporting

Now that you’ve got your HMIS system setup, documented, and staff trained - you might find you need a helping hand keeping up with grant/funder reporting or maybe you want to ease the data entry load from case managers. After all, your real focus is in helping those in need. Take advantage of our experienced staff and let us handle your data entry and reporting requirements or just give your grant writers and data scientists a helping hand.

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