Nutmeg Consulting

HMIS Implementation & Conversion


Nutmeg Consulting has assisted with several HMIS implementations and conversion projects across the country since its founding in 2003, with experience in industry-standard HMIS software such as Mediaware’s ServicePoint™, Groupware Technology’s Provide™, HousingWorks™, Data Systems International’s Client Track™ and Caseworthy™. Nutmeg Consulting has extensive experience in evaluating, implementing and converting data to and from HMIS systems.

Deliverables and Services

  • Software RFP Process Management, including requirements documentation and creation of a vendor RFP
  • Evaluation and testing coordination
  • Build out of existing database tools to meet Federal Partner Data Standards
  • Data conversion from non-HMIS compliant systems to HMIS compliant systems or between HMIS systems.
  • Custom application design and data conversion services
  • Data review via both via manual review and reporting
  • Data dictionary documentation creation

Case Overview 1 (Conversion):

Assisted with data conversion from the HousingWorks to CaseWorthy HMIS applications.

Nutmeg Consulting worked with the agencies in Fall River, New Bedford and the Greater Bristol County, Attleboro and Taunton Coalition to End Homelessness (GBCATCH) to move five years of data from an outdated and unsupported system to an industry leading and HMIS compliant system. This allowed GBCATCH to properly implement federal funder required data entry and reporting. We assisted the vendor in both customizing Caseworthy’s platform to meet the needs of their clients as well as worked with HousingWorks and Caseworthy to ensure data was converted using the HMIS CSV format specifications.

Case Overview 2 (Conversion):

ServicePoint and Provide to CaseWorthy conversion for the CT Coalition to End Homelessnes (CCEH). Nutmeg Consulting assisted CCEH and the 6 CoCs across the state of CT in an “on-time and under-budget” deployment in 2013 from not one, but two different HMIS systems. We worked with CCEH to manage the RFP process and provided technical evaluation and scoring to ensure the right solution was chosen for the communities involved. Nutmeg Consulting wrote custom data conversion software to perform the data mapping and record cleanup. Notably, merging duplicate clients from each system into one surviving primary client record.

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